Arteles Artist Residency Finland 2018

Studio and process views during a 2 month artist residency at Arteles Creative Center, Finland, held during July and August 2018.

There were 3 strands of work during this time at Arteles.

One was a digital media process, capturing fleeting incidents of light reflecting or emanating from everyday shiny or luminous items around the studio, then transforming their form and scale with video manipulation and projection experiments indoors and out.

Another was an ink and watercolour durational painting, created both indoors and out, on thick paper 3 m x 1.1 m. The painting was born slowly over days, then lived a performative life in the outdoors, finally disappearing again into the flames of a bonfire.

The remainder of the work comprised photographic and video observation of random, prosaic, small moments.

Circle Work:



Bee Boxes.

Projection installation views in studio:

Projection outdoors on wet grass:

Projection installation views outdoors on a rock:

Durational painting – Videos below:

Expanded Landscape Painting Hanging in Forest.

Expanded Landscape Painting Cycling with thanks to cyclist Diedre Pearce.

Expanded Landscape Painting The End.