Projection Installation “Headspace” 2012-2014

A projection installation comprising 2 slow moving videos based on layers of digitally manipulated painting and photography. The projections were designed to morph and change in gradual transitions, culminating in a clearing of the colour, bright white for moments. One was projected overhead, using a short throw projector to enable distortion around wall and ceiling corners.  The other small diamond projection was on a wall space at eye level.

The installation was first shown in an office gallery as part of the RMIT University Bachelor of Fine Art (Expanded Studio Practice) Graduation Exhibition, 2012, and subsequently in early 2014, as part of the group exhibition “Spill”, curated by Anna Daly, at Tasma Gallery, Tasma Terrace, Headquarters of the National Trust (Victoria), Melbourne, Australia.

Installation views RMIT 2012:

Installation views Tasma Gallery 2014: