Celestial Bodies, New York, 2019


A one night evening of music and projection installations co-ordinated by Jude Collective and Imperial Bodega. From the event description:

Jude Collective and Imperial Bodega have teamed up to create an immersive audio/visual experience featuring digital artwork by Linda Loh and music curated by Imperial Bodega. The installation is comprised of multiple projected, digital artworks inspired by ideas around light-based phenomena. Most pieces have their origins in sources of light that are then distorted or transformed using digital methods. The works arise from the artist’s interest in the relationship of light to altered states of consciousness, sensations of boundarylessness and infinity, and whether representation of things elusive and ephemeral can be a metaphor for experiences of transcendence. In conjunction there will be a DJ set by Hideto and live performance by local NYC collective, TribeWild. ‘Celestial Bodies’’ was born out of a mutual desire to create a space for all types of creatives to connect and build relationships that will drive their practice by inspiring conversations and collaboration across mediums.