NARS Foundation Online Exhibition 2020: Looking Forward While Looking Back -A Part Of It All

NARS Foundation Online Exhibition

Looking Forward While Looking Back:
A Part Of It All
Second Segment

Curated by Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen

NARS Foundation is happy to present “A Part of it All” as a continuation of the Looking Forward while Looking Back Series. This iteration is divided in two segments. In the second one we present the works of Linda Loh, Tadasuke Jinno and Philippe Halaburda.

The exhibition is still able to be viewed, along with conversations with the artists: NARS Foundation Looking Forward While Looking Back 2020

Through the use of simple gestures related to actions, patterns, colors, structures, or even moments, this group of artists investigates the ways in which perception operates and responds. Just as time doesn’t pass identically to everyone, looking at images/perception is not an identical experience. In this sense, the works in this two part exhibition explore cognitive stimulation and interactions with different fragments of the unconscious mind.

While exploring visual illusions and playing with perception to find the dividing point between what is real and what is not, these artists build a sensorial vocabulary –made of light, objects, patterns and colors– that serves as a path towards awareness, emphasizing that, over all, we´re not external observers but a part of it all.