Solo exhibition George Paton Gallery “Mark” 2010

Exhibition held May 2010. Link here to download pdf from George Paton Gallery archive 

MARK is about making our mark. Perhaps these marks are like the clutter of the mind, filling space, obscuring silence and emptiness.

Selected text from the exhibition proposal:

I’m interested in how the mind desires to fill silence, or empty spaces, and in the need to make our mark. We don’t always value silence and emptiness; in fact perhaps we seem to fear them. I’m interested in ideas about infinity, ‘the void’, spaciousness and timelessness, perhaps as the ground of what lies beyond the clutter of the mind. Some artists are interested in ‘the space between’, but I am interested in ‘the space beyond’.

This work is about mark making. One context is that of the marks symbolising the clutter of the mind, obscuring emptiness. Another context is the act of mark making itself as ritualised repetition, like meditative mantram. The ironic juncture of these two contexts is the possibility that the obscurations of the mind may dissolve as a result of the act of mindful repetition.